Mothers and Women are uniting from Australia to the United States against PAS and how it is misused, abused and accused of MOTHERS worldwide.

We group of mothers are deteremined more than EVER to fight against PAS and the whores of the court who use this junk science.

If you or any other mother you know has been accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome and you are willing to use your voice, the time is now!

We need more mothers from the UK and Canada!!!

As we speak the Father Rights groups are scrambling and are even talking about not wearing their ridiculous costumes when they fight for their “rights”. According to one message board……….

The batman and robin costume approach always seemed a little creepy and counterproductive to me.

Fathers need to portray themselves as  who they truly are… loving, connected and caring people and not cartoon characters.

We need to be grounded and sane just to maintain our current positions and if we want to move forward, lunacy is not our friend.

To put it simply and in the words of Judge Welker; “Don’t be nuts”  this is advice we could all be reminded to follow every so often.

Apparently this father doesn’t read the “Sackless” blog or follow the crazy MoFO from up nort, eh?

Contact: rights4women@yahoo.com

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