Oh what a tangled web we weave

When first we practise to deceive!



Fathers’ rights campaigner jailed for abusing young child

Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 11:31
Lee Doyle

Jailed: Lee Doyle

A Fathers 4 Justice campaigner has been jailed for sexually abusing a young child.

Lee Doyle, from Sea Mills, was known for his involvement with the civil rights group and its protests calling for better rights for caring dads.

Having sexually abused the youngster, he denied any wrong-doing, leaving the child to face the traumatic consequences of giving evidence in court.

Doyle,  26, was convicted of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity as well as engaging in sexual activity.

Judge David Ticehurst imposed the maximum jail term of four years.

He told Doyle: “You were convicted on clear evidence and the aggravating feature is that your victim was very young.

“The child was forced to give evidence at a very young age.

“It’s abundantly clear having to give evidence has had a regrettable impact on the child.

“You continue to maintain your innocence when it’s abundantly clear you were guilty.”

The judge, who said he thought that potentially Doyle posed a serious risk of harm to young children, made him the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order keeping him away from youngsters for 10 years.

Doyle was ordered to register as a sex offender indefinitely.

Nicholas O’Brien, prosecuting, read out personal statements from the victim’s mother, father and grandmother.

The child’s mother said that when the offences came to light the young victim had to be medically examined, which caused distress.

She said: “From the time of the interview the child had a disturbed sleep pattern, and would often wake up during the night crying. The child was having nightmares and getting upset. Around this time the child also became protective of its bed, not wanting other family members to sit on it.”

An original trial set for October last year was postponed because Doyle’s solicitors asked for the  child to be seen by a psychologist – a request which was retracted following an intermediary’s assessment.

The child’s mother said the victim had to then prepare for a trial last month, and when cross-examined remained unshaken.

The child’s father said the child had become a bit more argumentative, less obedient and it seemed the child’s mind had wandered.

He said: “When the trial concluded and we were told the verdict the child was upset.

We had to explain to the child again that the only person at fault was Doyle.”

The child’s grandmother said the child had mentioned that Doyle had warned about telling anyone else about what happened.

She said: “The child suffered from a great deal of bad dreams, some of these were specifically about Lee Doyle.”

Giles Morrison, defending, said his best mitigation was his client’s young age, previous good character and good behaviour since.

He said he was concerned about the imposition of the order because Doyle, who has a background working in sales, was involved in family proceedings regarding children from a former relationship.


12 thoughts on “Oh what a tangled web we weave

  1. This is just one side of the story, what about his side of the story? This is obviously just a political way to make F4J’s credibility look bad. What if this is the girl’s father’s only way to get custody from the mother? What if the girl just made up the story to get her parents back together? We don’t know anything about anything in regards to this man’s life let alone to what exactly happened to the days of the said abuse. He is now (former) activist FYI and he has never been active since the allegations were made just to protect F4J.

  2. Bitch please…..I believe the UK courts discussed “his” side of the story….and there is no way to make F4J credibility look bad…they do that on their own! Thank god that his three children are now safe from him….for at least 4 years.

    Lee Doyle – You will Judge me

    Hi, I’m Lee Doyle and I write my own personal Blog leedoyle.com. My blog is a diary and a personal interest blog which has my personal accounts of things and personal poems I have written myself. I started LeeDoyle.com in 2001 as a website with computer programs I had designed, I have also hosted many websites for friends and groups.

    As you might be able to see I am a big fan of the street artist Banksy. I love his style of art and I love the messages he can give with his art.

    I am also a active member of Fathers-4-Justice as I have many problems seeing my 2 Children Faith and Jack. I believe that the law in this country needs to change to give both mothers and fathers the same rights to see their own children. I think it is in the best interest for the children to grow up seeing both parents.

    I believe that a lot of what is happening to me at the moment with the police is because of my involvement with Fathers-4-Justice, I also believe that my ex partner will do anything to try to ruin my life and is trying to do that right now, same as my partners ex (and his family) is doing.

    I have 3 children Faith, Jack and Harmony, my partner is Laina and is the mother to Harmony. I am currently not working but will be looking to work as soon as my problems have ended.

  3. I have been reading his blog since, I don’t know when. (His blog is closed by the way.) His profile is outdated if you notice, it has been written 2 years ago. He stated on one of his posts that he is no longer active with F4J, though he still continues to support the group.

    Clearly you knew the link to his blog and I’m sure you have read his posts. He used this as his voice, because this was his only way to let himself literally say everything freely, This was his only way to speak himself out and not just write these things because he’s bored or whatever. Do you think a man guilty of his acts would blurt out his entire life on a blog for the whole world to read? I think not. I think guilty criminals wouldn’t bother to explain or let alone, write.

    Same as me, we are all just readers. We don’t really know what happened so I think it’s inappropriate to judge him base on these articles. These articles had nothing to do but to only say things which will make people angry and not bother to write this man’s “Side of story”.

    Of course they “discussed” his side of story, I never said they didn’t, it’s compulsory. But they obviously didn’t consider. The only proof they had was the child’s statement. Knowing how kid’s are like nowadays, I believe some of them (Im not speaking in general) is in capable of telling lies or plainly make up things, hell they are in capable to do anything really (they can even have babies at an early age from what I heard)

    There are also innocent kids that are obedient enough to do whatever mummy or daddy says, and that’s a different story. As they say, Children mimic adult’s behavior. What they see, they do, just as simple as that.

  4. to the comment from dawn – i would like to add yes there is another side to the story. Lee gave his side of the story in the court room (that i do know i sat there and watched the whole trial as i knew the people involved including lee)

    If you had of been there you would of heard Lees “side of the story” and then you would of come to the same conclusion as everyone sat in that court room including the judge!

    he was completely guilty of the offences and the evidence they had (including forensic evidence) proved that and that is why every member of the jury agreed and found him guilty.

    The little girl did nothing like make up lies etc at the time of the abuse she was 4 years old!! if you had of seen the evidence given in court as i did you would of realised that she was not lying there were things that a girl of her age couldnt possibly know!

    He abused his position as a father, a step father, a man, and a normal civilised member of the public!

    He spent months and months voicing his innonence and telling every person that would possibly listen a million and one excuses of what could of happened – but when he was stood in the witness box being fronted with forensic evidence he had no excuses left and tripped himself up on many occassion. – of course he spent the months before denying it when was the last time you seen a peodophile admitting they were a peodophile to everyone they know.

    Please take into consideration the little girl whos childhood has been robbed and the family and people effected by this pathetic, twisted, nasty, peodophile!

    Im glad he got the maximum sentence its all he deserved! Maybe its a blessing he didnt see his children if this is what he does around children!

  5. dawn,

    Im sorry to post again but i wanted to make some points abudently clear!

    “Of course they “discussed” his side of story, I never said they didn’t, it’s compulsory. But they obviously didn’t consider. The only proof they had was the child’s statement”

    That was not the only proof they had – they had found HIS semen on the little girls doll – they questioned lee how or why his semen would be found on this doll and he had no explanation… also the forensic scientist said that for the amount and type of semen they had found it could not have been on there in that consitency from transfer from surfaces it had to have of been deposited wet straight on to.

    His profile got closed as the person providing his server found out about the case and decided it wasnt appropriate for it to be open.

    also from your comments “Knowing how kid’s are like nowadays, I believe some of them (Im not speaking in general) is in capable of telling lies or plainly make up things, hell they are in capable to do anything really (they can even have babies at an early age from what I heard) ”

    I can tell you are not speaking in general terms every word from that comment could of basicly been written by Lee. The little girl did not make up these lies, Lee spent months and months thinking up excuses and trying to convince people that these things that had been said were lies…. if this was so then please explain the following….

    the girl involved in the above article is not the only child to be making allegations regarding lee and behaviour in this context – these are at the moment being investigated… this little girl is unrelated to the people he claimed made the girl above lie……and also of a very similar age.

    when the truth first came out the police came and siezed computers from lees flat and on these computers was found child pornography.

    i would strongly suggest that you have infact been as mugged off about lees true identity as have every other person who has come into contact with him including myself – i knew lee personally and actually would of discribed his as a friend until his true identity was revealed. If he can convince the people he lives with and spends time with on a day to day basis that he is a nice character then im sure he can convince people reading a few words on a blog site. He is a very maniulative person and DID without a doubt do the offences he has been charged with.

    4 years may have been the maximum sentence he could of got and we are all pleased that justice has availed and he got the maximum service – but 4 years is no condolence to the fact he robbed a 4 year old girl of her childhood and innonence!!!!

  6. Dawn, i think you need to stretch your imagination a little further than the computer screen. Obviously Lee isnt going to shout from the roof tops his guilt, I knew Lee probably better than anyone, and even i know hes guilty!

    The childs evidence that you say could be the result of a father trying to get custody of the child was by the judges words “out standing” he also said she is the youngest child ever to give evidence in bristol crown court. This man has nothing but love for his daughter and would never subject her to such a digraceful experience!

    I think you need to get your facts right before you express your ridiculous opinion!

    There was indeed his semen on the girls dolly, there was also child porn on his pc, not only his current pc but also the one he shared with his ex girlfriend!

    I only wish you could have been there to see Doyle trying to get out of it, his reason for the possible contamination of semen on the childs bed was “i may have masterbated in her bed” what sort of sicko masterbates in a little girls bed!! Also Doyle had a funny little “twitch” that the whole court room couldnt help but notice every time he lied! Which was pretty much the whole way through!

    Many lives have been ruined by this man, not only the victim but her family and indeed his children who will now grow up fatherless.

    I would also like to add that despite Lee being a member of F4J i am not against them or their views, and there was no way they would have know he was a dirty scumbag, i am however against the way they always go OTT about EVERYTHING! F$J is old news now, no one is interested!

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