Parental Alienation Syndrome—WE ARE ON TO YOU FAMILY COURT

A.K.A…..Perpertrators Aligning Strategically


“Gardner emphasizes in his ‘American Fatherhood’ article that ‘… it is also important that the therapist be court ordered and have direct input to the judge. This can often be facilitated by the utilization of a guardian ad litem or a child advocate, who has the opportunity for direct communication with the court. The mother must know that any obstructionism on her part will be immediately reported to the judge, either by the therapist or though the guardian ad litem or child advocate. The court must be willing to impose sanctions such as fines or jail. The threat of loss of primary custody can also help such mothers ‘remember to cooperate.‘” How “Parental Alienation Syndrome” is Used Against Mothers and Children Who Allege Child Sexual Abuse by Trish Wilson.

A court’s reliance on PAS in custody decisions puts abused children at extreme risk of further abuse by the offending parent. PAS is used to discount a child’s outcries of physical or sexual abuse as the product of the other parent’s hostility toward the accused abuser. Courts relying on PAS frequently fail to investigate the child’s allegations, and they often reject independent evidence of the abuse. Therefore, the child who courageously has come forward to report abuse is ignored and even chastised, and therefore further abused, by the very system that has promised to protect him/her. The message is powerful and often plays right into the cruel admonition of the abuser: “If you tell, no one will believe you.” Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Guide for Attorneys or Pro Se Litigants (Highly Recommend this Article).

“To date, none of the studies necessary to judge the validity of Gardner’s so-called syndrome have been conducted. In 2006, the Children’s Legal Rights Journal (a multi-disciplinary journal published in conjunction with the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law, the National Association of Counsel for Children, and the Loyola University School of Law) and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges each published analyses finding no scientific or legal basis for the use of PAS. And yet, PAS keeps making appearances in courts across the country, subverting and perverting the pursuit of justice one family at a time.” Sick Joke or Sick Reality? “Below the Belt: A Biweekly Weekly Column, 5/17/2007″. by NOW President Kim Gandy.

“Melbourne University professor of psychiatry Alasdair Vance agrees, saying PAS has no standing in mainstream psychiatry or medicine and that research indicated children were more reliable than adults in reporting sex abuse. ‘It is not helpful for the community to be hoodwinked by information that’s not rigorously tested.’ he said.” Pedophiles use ‘junk’ theory to win custody. By Peter Ellingsen. The Age, Australia.

For More Information about Parental Alienation Syndrome, Dr. Richard Gardner and PAS Shennanigans in Ohio Visit:

An Analysis on Parental Alienation Syndrome and a Response to Dr. Richard Gardner. Excerpt: “HOWEVER, these guys are psychiatrists and psychologists!  All the while they claim no liability for “misuse” of PAS theory, THEY KNOW EXACTLY how their theory is going to be read, used, perceived!  (And if that isn’t enough, consider the self-interest of one who is earning a living writing about or using PAS theory, whether as a defense lawyer or as an expert witness.)”visit:

Resources on Parental Alienation Syndrome, Legal Issues and the Validity of Abuse Raised in Custody Disputes: Kourts for Kids Inc.

3 thoughts on “Parental Alienation Syndrome—WE ARE ON TO YOU FAMILY COURT

  1. When no-one- except the police- listened to me or my children; I went for divorce. Wounded children were given in custody to their rapist.I lost everything- except-my physical lfe.

    That is a tactic of war. Rape and destroy the children and mothers.

    Our “society” is self-destructing. Imploding. Anyone -ANYONE who supports this – pas pa etc. sick nonsense, is supporting child rape,bestiality,child sexual aggression and wife bashing-beating up. Those who don’t know it- would be well off to learn a bit- otherwise- they are classified with the lowest of criminals. Even a tv series- CSI – states in the introduction – “heinous crimes” . They are heinous as are those who perpetrate the crimes and all those who support this kind of criminal activity.

    Thank goodness some have the wit and the capacity to write blogs like this.

  2. Geez, the first paragraph is EXACTLY what happened to me. Although they say I can’t see my children until I get evaluated by the named Whore of the Court I am ordered to see. F*cking corrupt judges.

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