Especially men that hate women...hmm
Especially the men that hate women...hmm

A “purported” Christian loving kinda guy who’s name is like Canuck Charlie or Montreal Mark….has accused several women and mothers of being….*gasp* “Feminists”! (guess the Feminazi was voted against in their last chapter meeting of  Canadian Lurkers Invade and Trolling or now known as C.L.I.T. hereafter.

He has the unmitigated gall to link my site from his (thanks by the way!) and then to think it would be insulting to me that I think that mothers can “do no wrong”.

So here you go New Brunswick Billy, Nunavut Nick, Toronto Tim….along with all the others….call your ex wives whores…..because Mary Magdalegne wasn’t just anyones whore….she was Jesus’ whore dude…..and Jesus loves whores….including the list of “Court Whores” below……just like we love you….peace

cases here and here in Ontario…..right Ontario Oliver??

Pamela Richardson

Amy J. L. Baker,Ph.D

J. Michael.Bone, Ph.D.

Jayne Major, Ph.D.

Richard Sauber, Ph.D.

Terence Campbell, Ph.D., ABPP

Dr. Douglas Darnell, Ph.D.

Glenn Caddy, Ph.D.

Demosthenes Lorandos, J.D., Ph.D.

Abraham Worenklein, Ph.D.

Gene Colman – Gene C. Colman Family Law Center

Anne-France Goldwater – Goldwater, Dube Attorneys At Law

Pamela Stuart-Mills Hoch, M.A., Bob Hoch, M.A. of the Rachel Foundation Lawsuit

David L. Levy, J.D.

Michael Gough – President – Internet Visitation

C. Gwendolyn Landolt – National Vice President – Real Women Of Canada

Susan Cook – Susan Cook Mediation & Family Services

Dr. Marty McKay – Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, ABPP

J. Michael Bone, PhD

Bob Finlay, M.A.

Godfrey T.A. Turnbull, CFP, CLU, CDFA, CIMA

Brian Ludmer

3 thoughts on “WWJD?

  1. The ideologies of NAMBLA and other like minded groups are what these “people” support. Thousands of children (and non-offending mothers) have been destroyed by their belief systems.

    It is beyond my ability to even begin to comprehend how these – beings -could so wound children. Sociopathic ? Psychotic ? Totally lacking in empathy and emotional intelligence ? No compassion or feelings ? All of the above and more ?

    I suppose their adherence to pro-pedophile ideas will forever escape any decent person’s comprehension.Interesting that abusers pass their names around- .These people depend on the income from their clientele base- which is – abusers.I have known of some of these names since 1984(yes-Orwell’s year).

    Having experienced yet another night of terror filled nightmares, which are really flashbacks of real events- I find myself again wishing to publicly congratulate these people- on their -kills.I presume they are proud of all the destruction foir which they were,and are, responsible.

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