The Making of a Feminazi

"Remember when we stole your sperm?"
“Remember when we stole your sperm?”

According to a few of my fellow Feminazis out here there is still some that continue to make stupid comments.

As promised….for you reading enjoyment…..the making of a “FEMINAZI”

First of all the rules are fairly simple, we steal sperm, collect child support and perpetrate the next generation of our superior Amazonian race. [insert evil laugh]

Isn’t that why all these Father Righter’s go around saying? Some fools even go as far as calling the mother of their precious children…LESBIANS….”butt fucking” ones (yes, “butt fucking ones”) Don’t know how two lesbians would butt fuck but the asshole who said it doesn’t know a thing about women, obviously!

By the way….accusing your ex wife of now being a lesbian is really not saying to much about you buddy! [insert insane laughter]

So call me a Feminazi, Butt Fucking Lesbian or any other mean spirited name you want….because I am proud to be a mother and will fight all of the stupid motherfuckers that come my way……

And…..from what I’ve heard….if ANYONE can turn their ex wife a “dyke” it would have been my ex…..or any other abusive man…..but my current husband (the good, non-abusing one) knows for a fact that I definitely am not one….but even calling me that is not insulting for I do love some lesbians because they are real.

So calling me a Feminazi does not hurt my feelings…sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me…because you’ve made me who I am.

The American Feminazi Party is based upon one fundamental principle:

Women are human beings, with the same rights and responsibilities as all other human beings. However, many in the world today are unwilling to admit this. It is incumbent upon us women never to cease to remind of these people of this fact by all means necessary, from the most kindly and polite of requests up to and including enlisting the aid of our friends Colt, Smith, and Wesson.

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