Be very very very careful….


Without revealing too much about certain FR’ers that troll this blog (you know who you are….the toque wearing, putine eating, maple syrup loving ones)

Since the inception of this blog it has attracted the attention of some interesting “humans” that have self proclaimed themselves as Father Rights Activists (Canuck Edition)

But being an equal opportunity labelled “Feminazi” I thought I’d treat you to something that the FR’ers are trying to promote within from the Great Ol’ US of A

It’s known throughout the world of being a Feminazi that we know that FR do not nor cannot get along with anybody without a penis. In America there is a trend forming for the F4J camps…..they’re using terms such as…..”Gender Neutral”…….”Shared Parenting”……..”Children need BOTH parents”

These crazy motherfuckers are actually going to have their “First Annual Motherless Day Rally”.  In fact they are promoting………

The more we promote a GENDER NEUTRAL additude towards family court reform, the quicker we abolish the gender wars and obtain our goals of due process and accountability amongst our state employees.

(and yes….that is verbatim…..misspelling and all……no brains… headaches!)

SO…let me get this shit straight….all the bullying and bullshit….the name calling and pre-judgements…..some FR dude decided….”Hey! Let’s give them a rally and show them we want to play nice!”  Let me tell you something all you motherless sons of bitches…’s too late for your GENDER NEUTRAL propaganda and any silly bitch that falls for your shit will have her Feminazi card and membership revoked immediately……for not only am I a member…..I’m a muthafucking chapter president!

Stay tuned tomorrow for “The Making of a Feminazi”

psst….thanks Mr. Murphy and Mr. Young….evil_woman

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