Here comes the “Judge”

Flaying of the Corrupt Judge Sisamnes
Flaying of the Corrupt Judge Sisamnes Gerard David 1498-1499 Oil on panel Bruges, Groenige Museum

I sometimes wish I lived in the Renaissance…..that’s when a corrupt Judge was dealt with accordingly…..

Disbarment Urged for N.J. Judge Convicted of Travel for Tryst With Underage Boy

New Jersey Law Journal

Former Judge Stephen Thompson will be behind bars at least six more years on a sex crime conviction but ethics authorities still want to ensure he’ll never practice law again. At his criminal trial, his main defense to charges of downloading child porn in his chambers and going to Russia to have sex with an underage boy was that the trauma from combat injuries in Vietnam caused his pedophiliac tendencies. The remaining question: whether he has a mental disability that makes disbarment necessary to protect the public. http://editorial. incisivemedia. com/c/1scDdcTxYW Kx0GG


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