Sick Fuckers, Fathers and Pussies


Why are some “men” scared of strong women? Are they frightened that someone without a penis can actually speak for themselves?

After looking at my stats  I have decided to dedicate this blog to all the sick, malicious, degenerate assholes that read this.

While it’s true I have no penis….I DO have the biggest set of balls you have ever seen. I am not scared or even the slightest tinge of intimidation have any of you brought to my life. Hell….not even the dick I bred with could really do that. Not until I figured out that men who do abuse, verbally or otherwise, are big “pussies”. Not to say that being a pussy is a bad thing, since most of your kind are always trying to get into a pussy. It’s just a nicer way of saying that you are that one kid on the playground who couldn’t control your hormones and just had to push a girl down….because you “liked” her….in other words you were a pussy, sissy, wimp, wuss, chicken, coward, cream puff, crybaby, jellyfish, mama’s boy, namby-pamby, pansy and my all time favorite “panty waist”.

Some men actually grow up, learn to treat women and love them. The ones that feel that women and children are their “chattel” are the ones that never learn anything but pushing down women. What would your mother think?

So “boys”….bring on your search terms for the sick things that you probably did to your own children which is why your grown children don’t want anything to do with you or why you lost custody in the first place.

A dear friend of mine at the FBI has told me that if I continue to get those search terms and other nasties there will be a rain of pain on you pervs that you would not have guessed would come from a woman with balls. I guess they take that “internet predator” thing really serious over there.

Sorry to disappoint I am no longer ANYONE’S “sparring” partner. I have taken the “cojones” in my hands and squeezed really, really hard. If you dare to continue playing fucky fuck with me I assure you that your hatred of women will be thricefold.

Game on?

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2 thoughts on “Sick Fuckers, Fathers and Pussies

  1. Yeah….my “friend” has already logged the IP’s of a few of the known and it’s really neat how they do it! Plus you never know if it comes down to confiscating computers and if perverted shit is on there….who knows WHAT might happen in a custody battle if your facing federal charges…..laughing MY ass off just thinking about it…

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