What Happened To Serve & Protect?

Former Trooper Robert Breeding Arrested for Burglary


A former Maryland State Police trooper is behind bars after he allegedly broke into a woman’s home on Christmas Eve.

Robert Breeding is being accused of breaking into his estranged wife’s home, on Louisiana Ave., and stealing her personal property.

Witnesses, at the scene, told police that Breeding had fled into the woods on foot.

Officers checked the areabut were unable to find him.

Four hours later, a Cumberland Police K-9 unit located Breeding walking near Byrd Avenue towards Louisiana Avenue.

The officer approached Breeding and told him he was under arrest.

Breeding refused to stop and tried to run from the officer.

The Police K-9 was released after him, but was called off when Breeding stopped running.

As police tried totake Breeding into custody, officers sayhe was resisting and attempted to pull an unknown object from his pants pocket.

A Taser was deployed to take Breeding down.

Breeding was then transported to Police Headquarters and charged.

The former trooper has already been in trouble with the law.

Court documents show he’s already been convicted on assault and theft charges.

Police say, because of his extensive criminal history, he’s being held on almost a half million dollars bond.

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