Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October WAS national Domestic Violence month. I still hear the silence of what was not said:

· We have a national epidemic: victimization of mothers and children by family courts, government agencies and private agencies contracted by government.

· Abusers, aided by government funding, use family courts for their own ends.

· Responsible Fatherhood Programs, intended to connect deserving fathers with their children, are used instead to deliver children into the hands of abusive and even pedophile fathers.

· Biased judges, court appointed personnel, social services and mental health professionals are all failing families.

· Mothers endure junk science diagnoses (such as PAS) and abusive therapies. Mothers are issued gag orders; some are incarcerated, others institutionalized, and still others become homeless. Many lose contact with their children.

· Attorneys are more loyal to the courts and agencies involved than to the victims they are supposed to defend.

· Little is done to fight the trend of rewarding abusers and disempowering victims.

· Yet that trend manufactures the next generation of victims and perpetrators.

· In the USA thousands of mothers and children live underground, while some seek asylum in other countries, finding in this their only protection.

written by a mother who has lost

One thought on “Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  1. I would just like to say that this is not something that is going to be solved through better laws or better policing. This a problem that is created and bred within a home, within a family. Better families can’t be created overnight, but we can at least make sure that those around us aren’t being abused.

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